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Thread: $595 for a 4X4 Nissan pathfinder 1987 rough and ready

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    Default $495 for a 4X4 Nissan pathfinder 1987 rough and ready

    Selling my 87 nissan pathfinder. It has a V6 high and low 4WD with 2WD. It does have electronics, but it is a bit simpler than the newer stuff. Manual windows two sticks for shifting. Automatic trans. It all works except for the AC which I haven't even had checked out. Rusty body as it spent much of it's 200K miles in the east and midwest.

    It works great for getting around in montana and we have enjoyed it for the past year. No smoke out the exhaust or oil on the ground and it holds it's antifreeze. Starts at sub zero temps
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