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Thread: USS Abraham Lincoln to Florida for help and aid

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    Default USS Abraham Lincoln to Florida for help and aid

    I've been thinking about this since last week when first I heard that the USS Abraham Lincoln is headed to station off the coast of Florida to assist the State of Florida with relief aid...and whatever they might need from security to relief supplies.

    I found this very satisfying as this is the last Nimitz class carrier for which we installed the fuel cells into the reactor..both reactors. She has a brand new core....good for at least 20 years.

    This is the second time I have seen one of the Nimitz Class Carriers, on which I have worked to refuel, go out on a Humanitarian mission. It gives me great satisfaction in a humanitarian mission verses the intimate knowledge I know of her purpose and how she is configured/designed internally as well as externally. If needed a terrible terrible purpose...yet here she is reconfigured for a very very purposeful Humanitarian mission. It makes me proud to see her so reconfigured....for this very mission.

    The previous Nimitz class carrier for which we had refueled here is the USS Carl Vinson...and she was sent to Haiti after that disaster years ago...humanitarian aid to that country.

    And here we see these terrible weapons of war being used to help our own people and nation this time around.

    The USS Abraham Lincoln will not be going alone...there will be other ships accompanying her...and also giving aid.

    This kind of thing makes me proud of our country, our Navy, and people.....verses the terrible weapon of war for which she was designed.

    But let us give credit where credit is due...this is not just the US the Coast Guard too is in on this mission too the National Guard and all of the state and local constabulary and medical people/EMT's Nurses...etc etc al.

    My President is certainly correct...this is not a time for cheap theatrical politics. It is a time for serious, disciplined, and focused individual Americans and the best character they can muster. This is not a time for cheap two legged political "Wildlife" trying to score political points/capital on the backs of the misery of our fellow Americans.
    This is not a time for cheap political Ishmaelites nor a phony media to steal center stage.

    These ships and in particular this Nimitz class carrier was built and refueled/overhauled by disciplined, focused, serious Americans...the very best our nation and people can produce. It makes me proud for our country and people that we can reconfigure this ship for just such an Humanitarian purposes versus the terrible terrible mission for which she is designed.

    My .02

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