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Thread: Ham for dummies

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    What i don't like about the Baofeng is there is not a battery eliminator, using 12 VDC, manufactured by the company itself.

    Think it was on this forum that someone took one of eliminators apart and found it to be just scrounged together voltage regulator with leads of other components just soldered together.
    They said something along the lines of the case was the regular battery case cut open and then put back together.

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    Quote Originally Posted by orangetom1999 View Post
    Is it a good radio for the monies??? Yes I think so.

    Baofeng has priced many of the stateside companies...Icom, Yaesu, and Kenwood out of the marketplace with a product which works well and is priced very inexpensively.

    I have two CCR mobile radios sitting on the work bench instead of being mounted in the vehicle because they both failed and the warranty turned out to be useless.

    One is 220 unit that seems to be functional except the display is blank. The display is good, it seems to be a software issue. You can do a reset on the radio, reprogram it and the display will work until the radio is turned off and back on. When it turns back on the the back light is on lighting up a blank screen again. Really hard to tell where you are operating with no display.

    The other is a dual band/dual display/dual receive unit on which the right side has failed. Seems to work as a dual band/single/single but that is not what I paid for.

    The OEM antenna on every Bowelfunk radio I own has failed. This has left me with three $25 radios with $45 replacement antennas on them.

    I am so done with the CCR junk and will stick with the Yaecomwood or Alinco radios in the future. At the very least when they fail the manufacturer will make it good.
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    Thanks for the input all.
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