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Thread: empathy and deceiving the American Public....preying on emotions...

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    Default empathy and deceiving the American Public....preying on emotions...

    I knew a few days ago that the news was gaslighting the public via emotions...empathy.

    I make note of this in the media stories coming out about Trump and Company not being sufficiently empathetic/emotional about the Hurricane Survivors down south and all the flooding.

    They have been doing this for years and years now...putting the American Public on one puppet string after another....emotional puppet strings for control...

    Put another way...the media and now also politicians ..are predators..preying on unguarded, undisciplined emotions. This has become very fashionable.

    If this next hurricane...Irma destined for the Gulf Coast again...we shall see how the media "jerks " the public off again for headlines and pushes their emotional/empathy agenda while disparaging the President.

    And there is another possible Hurricane coming right behind this one.

    I understand empathy....but often I have little use for it in a difficult situation. I would rather have experience, and discipline rather than emotions.

    I do not like Drama Queens around me ..I tend to go the other way when I spot them.

    I remember a very empathic President who gave us Health Care in order to get the uninsured What this "Feeling Empathic " President and his political party and the willing media did going along with all this "Feeling and Empathy" was to put All of America into bondage and servitude to pay for the "Free Insurance " of those who could not afford it.

    What the Empathic did was to make many of us pay twice.....once for ourselves and again for those who could not afford it. This is not Empathy is involuntary servitude...bondage...slavery. No empathy there. It was a scam...a lie...a deception.

    I think that Hillary and Company would have been much more of the same...complete with their version of the "Emotional Blame Game/Guilt Programming."

    I remember a very Empathic President ...keeping his plane on the tarmac at an airport and getting someone brought aboard to give him a haircut. All this empathy while holding up the rest of the air traffic for a haircut. Any of you remember this "Feeling " President. " I feel your pain!!!"

    I knew back then it was gaslighting ...though I did not know of or understand back then the meaning of gaslighting.

    Remember all the Empathy for Haiti??? The monies going to Haiti??? This may be repeated with this Hurricane season ...again. More Empathy!!?? Buckle up!!

    Be very very careful about the media whoring out the public using and misusing the word..."Empathy."

    If we are not careful and perceptive ...the media in shilling for their political stance/party apparatus...will jerk us all off....emotionally...put us on their puppet strings....and "Herd" us all.

    Charlottesville...seemed to be a runaway emotional man made event. The problem seems to be that it backfired on those who wanted to use/misuse it for political capital. It put Antifa in the spotlight ...right out front wherein they would not survive public scrutiny....because of their runaway undisciplined emotions leading to violence. Antifa turns out to be nothing more than two legged wildlife....for which thinking disciplined Americans reject.

    I would rather have a disciplined President than one putting on the show...and jerking us off emotionally while planning more of the same to an unthinking emotional public raised on and defining themselves and their Emotional movies and television programs. Disneyland....Avalon....Utopia.

    To me an unthinking, undisciplined, overly emotional/empathic public is a formula for bondage...Ishmael....and so too leadership.

    I think Trump and company did the right thing in delaying their trip to the Hurricane ravaged areas and not disturbing the ongoing rescue efforts by professionals....for a photo op. As I recall ..they went to a not so damaged area and left the pros to their ongoing work and rescue efforts.
    That to me showed discipline....not politics per se.

    To me the media and much of the political spectrum..parties..have long ago made the switch from leading/representing the country and it's people to preying on them "Emotionally.
    This story about empathy demonstrated to me how desperate the media was getting ..including the fabled Fox News.

    And you can easily see this in our current crop of snowflakes....their emotional desperation....lack of discipline....even lack of education.

    BEwarned of the Emotional parasites...the Empathic....

    My .02,


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    Spot on Tom. We have met the enemy and he is us.

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