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Thread: So long DACA

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    DACA was not a law, it was only an EO. It had a sundown clause and was either about to expire, or had expired. This was never about immigration, but a way to stir up crap. obama the petulant enjoyed this and did it frequently. I've been arguing with hispanic libs about this. Trump lacks compassion. I ask how compassionate was obama to lure these children here, to convince their parents to send them from Mex and central America unescorted, to be smuggled over by cartels because that's the only way you come now is to pay extortion money. How many of these children were sexually abused, and sold into slavery or forced into the drug trade, or are now working for sub minimum wage. I get called racist when they get hammered down, but enjoy baiting them into saying I'm racist against Mexicans. That's a fun one, because Mexican is not a race, and my wife is hispanic and some of her family Mexican, the nationality. Then I get cussed at, which is liberal for, "you won."

    In a nutshell, Obama is promoting a slavery of sorts. There is a legal avenue open to all to apply to come over, and I welcome all legal applicants. I think that they probably should not be eligible for ANY assistance before a 10-15 year period.
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    I get tired of all this compassion stuff the media and other groups promote.

    How compassionate was the government and the agencies making a killing off the public purse while taking in all these illegals and burdening the rest of Americans on the public purse.

    Not just for the DACA program but any other program they can think up or imagine...They put on the public purse...and try to keep it in perpetuity.

    What they are going again is putting Americans in last place with their own monies while supporting Illegals on the public tit. The very same thing they are doing in Europe to their native people....putting them in last place while giving first place to others.

    But furthermore ..all the "Compassion " behind all of this tells me that this is another program on the government to fleece the public out of their monies and support more government. The vitriol behind this ..the emotional an indicator that someone does not want the government/public funds to stop..but they are hiding this all behind the whine of "Compassion."

    Many of us have seen this script many times. More good cop/bad cop..but reinforced by "Compassion."

    But the Children....we can sell the whole nation down the toilet bowl for the children.....the children!!!!

    It just gets wolfie after awhile. What about our own American citizens our American Children.????

    My .02,


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