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Thread: NK "Missile-Ready" Nukes - Next Level Threat

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    Quote Originally Posted by texasskeeter View Post
    im just curious, why would Russians and Putin not want Hillary as Potus. She'd have given Russia whatever they wanted not to mention them do whatever Putin wanted. She'd have been just as weak as O'Butthole!!
    That is a good question Skeeter.

    I think it is because Putin is fighting the same deep state people/internationalists entrenched into his government in Russia.

    As far as I am concerned...Both Russia and the USA have been run for a long long time by proxy leaders elected by a rigged system since before WW1...if not since after the US Civil War.
    It is the internationalists trained and financed from here in America who overthrew the Russian Tsar Nicholas after WW1 and put in a Soviet style government.

    They ..these internationalists... have been rigging our elections...not just of the President but Senators and Congressmen ... but so too our Court Justice appointments...and now down into our public school systems into university....teaching and preaching their religion of internationalism....not Americanism.

    And I think the same has been happening in Russia and Putin is against them.

    I think The Russia Collusion story is because both Trump and Putin are against this rigged system...and for their countries. I also think that Putin and Russia know that Hillary is in the pockets of the internationalists...she is their proxy agent. Hillary and company would have given internationalist Russia anything they wanted...not Putin.
    I think that what they feared is Putin and Trump meeting together a meeting they could not control. They feared Putin and Trump getting together in a meeting they could not monitor/control and comparing notes against the Deep State/internationalist conspiracy. They fear that they will become a tag team against the internationalist.

    This kind of thing has today fallen...eroded so far ..that the left or internationalists are openly calling for and bragging about getting rid of our President and anyone who is against their leftist internationalist pattern. Even some of our leadership is in on it. They believe that this country belongs to them and that Trump and company stole the election from them...just as did Bush and company back in 2000 from then candidate Al Gore.
    What is obvious to me and very concerning is that many of the Republican leaders are in bed with them...the internationalists

    Well..enough of that ...

    I believe Russia is aware of the internationalists intentions of the Deep both Russia and America and that Hillary and Company was their proxy candidate..their front puppet.

    I suspect that they are against the clock now..time is become a precious commodity under their plans for the NWO.

    They only have chaos on which to work and we see that pattern in operation all around us now.

    Just my .02,

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