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Thread: Recipe - Spanish Rice Spicy Chicken Casserole w/ blackened corn topping

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    Default Recipe - Spanish Rice Spicy Chicken Casserole w/ blackened corn topping

    Made this the other night, it was a big hit with the wife, so going to list it here for whoever wants to try it.


    2 - Near East Rice Pilaf mix (Spanish Rice) 6.75 oz box

    2- Boneless chicken breasts
    1 lb shredded mild chedar cheese
    2 ears sweet corn
    (optional) 1 can of black beans
    LaVictoria Taco Sauce (we prefer the medium "yellow cap")
    Crystal Hot Sauce
    Coarse Ground Black Pepper
    Mrs. Dash
    Parmesian cheese (I know, Italian cheese on a southwest meal... trust me, it's good)

    9x9 baking dish
    large skillet
    large pot


    Heat oven to 400
    Grease baking dish generously with butter and set it aside.

    Make the Spanish rice according to the stove-top directions (about. You will likely end up with more Spanish Rice than needed so save the extra for someone's lunch. Optional - drain the black beans thoroughly and add to the Spanish rice.

    Heat the skillet with a bit of cooking oil. Cut the chicken up into medallion ("mc nugget") sized pieces. Sprinkle the chicken generously with the Cyrstal Hot sauce and knead it in so all the pieces are coated in a film of it. Sprinkle with the black pepper, Mrs Dash and parmesian cheese, and toss with a spoon. This will soak up most of the hot sauce. Finally, add enough taco sauce that the chicken becomes "wet" again, when mixed.

    Put the chicken into the hot skillet. Turn as nuggets become crispy on that side. When done, remove pieces into a bowl lined with paper towel to soak up excess oil.

    Using a spoon, put a thin layer of the Spanish rice on the bottom of the baking dish... about half an inch deep. Cover this with a layer of the shredded chedar. Repeat until about 1" from the top of the dish. Add the chicken nuggets in a layer. Fill in space between nuggets with any remaining rice, then coat with the last of the cheese. Put it in the oven until the cheese on top is golden brown.

    After husking and de-hairing, shave the corn off the cob. Heat up the skillet with a thin coat of oil. Put the corn into the pan, spread thin... every kernel should be touching the pan. When corn starts to darken on that side, flip/mix. Sprinkle lightly with salt during cooking, you can also add a little butter if the pan starts to get too dry - it should be on the dry side but not totally. When the corn is about 25-40% "blackened" then remove from heat and use to top the casserole.

    Serves 4-6

    If anyone cares, as written, this should be a gluten-free meal.
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    Cool, thanks. Always like to try an easy recipe.
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    Tasted pretty dang good, but I left out the hot sauce and dash. Can't have hot sauce and don't like Mrs. dash.
    Thanks for the recipe!
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    Glad you liked it!
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