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Thread: Animal rights activists harass fishermen at public park

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    Quote Originally Posted by beowulf View Post
    Hey, Skeeter, you know what vegan/vegetarian means don't you? Its an old Indian word that translates to "lousy hunter".
    Now that's funny!
    "The First Gay President", L'dMAO!! "Peace can ONLY be achieved through SUPERIOR FIREPOWER, STOMPING LIBS and CARPETBOMBING"!!

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    One of the most interesting stories I've heard concerns the Eskimos wherein they are often competing with the Wolf Packs for the same food source.

    The Wolf can run faster than can they ...the Eskimo

    The Wolf can see better than the Eskimo.

    The Wolf can Hear better than the Eskimo.

    The Wolf can smell better than can the Eskimo.

    And Wolves tend to be very efficient pack hunters as so do men.

    The problem was how to compete with the Wolf....this before the advent of modern firearms and snowmobiles.

    The solution came in the form of a certain whale bone or bone from a seal..wherein this bone was very flexible like a spring. The Eskimo would sharpen this bone on the ends..then fold it up and tie it with sinew. This bone was then inserted into some meat and left out on the ground for the wolf to find. The Wolf would eat the meat...swallow the spring loaded bone and the sinew would dissolve in the stomach...springing open this bone and puncturing the intestines of the Wolf and they would eventually die from this puncture. This is how the Eskimo figured out how to control the Wolf populations.

    Smart thinking and observation on the part of the Eskimos. Very smart.

    These Vegans would have a fit with these Eskimos.

    I understand that in several states the government is bringing back the Wolf into the the great worry of farmers and ranchers.

    The Eskimo too is a natural hunter and so too are my fathers people in Hawaii...fisherman.
    Some of my cousins on my fathers side go up into the mountains and hunt the feral wild pigs which have been introduced/not native to the environment but are run amok destroying the habitat. But fishing is a natural extension of life for my fathers side of the family.

    Historically fishing is one of the most natural and efficient means of gathering food going way back in time. With certain knowledge's/skills it much quicker and more efficient than hunting.

    These Vegans misquote the lessons from history. They even misquote the Bible...and the nature of this world within the Bible.

    My .02,


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