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Thread: We are under attack!

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    Provoking/inciting violence against the NRA is like poking a good natured grizzly bear with a stick, you don't want to be anywhere near him when he gets tired of the irritation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by texasskeeter View Post
    I spent at least 2 decades of my time, monies and vote to stop the Leftards from Phucking up my home state of Stupidfornia. There were Hundreds of thousands by my side fighting with me. In the end I finally learned it was a mute point and it consumed my life. I moved away as that state is NOT repairable!! My family's quality of life has been GREAT here in Texas. I vote and donate $ to keep this state GREAT and possibly not taken over by the IDIOTS!!

    I as well as many here work 2-3 times the hrs most do to provide a great life for my own. I have no desire to spend another second fighting morons unless they bring the fight to me. I'm just like Beo...... Iam a peaceful person but if pushed will go full retard medieval on those P'sOS and not lose a wink of sleep!! Fighting those folks back home turned me into a non-caring for most callous man. My give-a-damn meter is permanently broke!! So I think I'll take the kids jet skiing this Saturday and just bring a few extra mags.....

    Add- Better yet, I think I'll drive the kids by Beos place Saturday and piss in his yard, ring the doorbell and hide in the bushes with the boys and see if he comes out! Lol
    (Hee,hee!) Ref you added note, I'd just raise a window slightly, poke my B-B gun out and "sting" you on the end of your "pisser", then ROFL as you jump up and down, hop all about doing what appears to be a war dance accompanied by loud screeches and yowls as though you're preparing to go on the war path. Nah...not really. Couldn't do that to a buddy, but it is funny to think about. Honestly, since I, too, sometimes piss in the yard (drives the wife nuts) I'd probably laugh about it and invite you in for coffee or a cold one or two. Reminds me of a story my dad used to tell. Daddy was raised on a farm during the depression. He said right after he and mom were married he used to go out on the back porch every morning and piss off the porch into the yard. Drove mama crazy, so one morning he went out into the yard and pissed back up on the porch. Mama STILL fussed and complained. Daddy said he just didn't seem to be able to please that woman no matter what he did.

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    LOL LOL LOL Beowulf,

    That is what my friend out in Tennessee says about his place way back in the woods at the end of a long lane. He can yield to nature's call off his porch if he feels like it and never worries about what the neighbors think as they are way down at the other end of the lane.

    I catch him on 160 meters and if the noise level is to high on that band we go to 75meters SSB on our olde fashioned wire antennas and use our microphones. If conditions are bad enough ...we can use morse code.

    I am happy for my friend that he finally made it back out to the hills...he is originally from West Virginia. I suppose he never got the hills/mountains out of his blood.

    I sometimes kid him about going native and marking out the rocks/boulders on his property..against competing wildlife....and he has aplenty in his neck of the woods.

    Thanks for reminding me Beowulf,

    Back on topic....

    I hate to see this stuff get away from us as Americans. I have suspected for some time now that someone has wanted to divide this nation big time and the left has a litany of manufactured reasons to justify their "Shakedown" this country and people. What also disgusts me is that they are tied at the hip by the phony pimping well as a phony deceitful public education system.. also teaching and preaching the "Victim Dictum" religion ... carte blanche.

    Oh......speaking of "Gratuitous sex and violence" and or Feudal Entitlement thinking.......

    My lady friend will be coming over tonight...and we will partake of the latest installment of "Game of Thrones."

    I am thinking that this may be the final season...whatever season this happens to be...I've lost track.

    Gotta get back to work on my yard now that it is cooling down.

    My thanks to all for their posts,
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