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    Just playing around, bought some tarps, rope screw eyes, made one of the best tents around cheap. Tent spikes under a dollar. Sleeping bag 40 c, not for real cold but ok for 14.00, Was going to buy a take down 10/22 for about 300.00 but just take the stock off the out 10/22 same size. 210.00 for the old 10/22. thanks

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    if your going for light weight and not much space in your bag. get a poncho or rain fly/ and a hammock. string the rain fly over the hammock. nice sleeping there.

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    I have watched the "Naked and afraid" shows where they are given the choice of bringing along 1 comfort/luxury item. Without fail, I would take a heavy duty tarp for the ability to sheild weather, make rudimentary shoes/clothes, braid it for cordage, make a water/supply carrier.

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