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Thread: The US Air Force Blue..........

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    Default The US Air Force Blue..........

    My lady friend called me up this morning when I had just awoken.

    She asked me if I would go to breakfast with her and her granddaughter. Sleepily, and behind a yawn, I said yes. After quickly splashing some water on my face and neck and combing the mop on top my head ...she arrived and we traveled down the street to a locally owned diner which we do often frequent....because it is locally owned.

    We prefer, when we can, to keep our monies here....locally instead of among the franchises.

    We ordered our breakfast, her granddaughter colored in her coloring book, and while eating ...two NCOs...from nearby Langley Air Force Base entered in their camouflaged uniforms and sat down to order.

    My lady friend and I watched them out of the corner of our eye and together we decided to pick up the tab for their breakfast...with are we both honored and proud of their service to our country. We are proud of our uniformed services.

    It has been many many years since I've worn the US Air Force Blue...but I have not forgotten. Such an memory remains with you the rest of your years.

    We were honored to pick up their tab and so did ...discretely ...after notifying the waitress.

    That they know that someone out here is aware and remembers sufficient for us.

    Sgt....Orangetom1999...United States Air Force...remembers....

    Not an Ishmaelite ...

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    Good for you and Thank you, Orangetom! My Dad was an AF WW2 Sergeant (CBI), and he would have done something like this. I'm sure those 2 Airmen appreciated that more than you can know.

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    Thank you Tom
    Greater love hath no man than this, That a man lay down his life for a friend.
    John 15:13

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    Thank you from me too Tom, and all our Veterans and those still serving. You all deserve much more respect than you get.

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    With so many protesters, and crazy anti-war libtards out there, I am sure they were deeply moved by your generosity, and will remember it for a long time and repeat it to their friends.

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