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Thread: Weight gain eating Ketogenic

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    Hello everyone,
    I hope to have someone an idea of what will be the next step for me.
    I have continued to follow the ketone diet for several months, which I have learned and perfected as I progressed. I came to diet as a vegetarian for 5 years, which stopped. I cut out all sugars, grains, etc., and continued to eat ketone with lots of vegetables and grass-fed animals, and lots of coconut oil, palm and butter-fed grass oil. I also aligned my meals with the rhythm of the biological clock, which I ate within 30 minutes after getting up and leaving coffee for a few months. For almost two months in which he is suffering from a lack of blood sugar, but stopped stopping thereafter. I have no cravings. I do yoga 5-6 days a week at first, and then started lifting weights, not something very heavy, about 4 times a week. As a result of all these changes, he has gained about 20 pounds instead of losing, which is what I expect. I am a 30-year-old woman with no illnesses that I am aware of. They rarely have seasonal allergies, sometimes sick. My energy levels are best in the morning and begin to drop after lunch. Sometimes I have trouble sleeping or waking up at night. I measured glucose before breakfast regularly, usually in the 70's, but fell before and I felt good.
    I have recently become aware about healthy foods to gain weight and am including my diet along with nutritional supplements. I'm curious about what can cause this and what I can do to change this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you!

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    Exactly who is "he" and "they". I'm not sure if you are talking about yourself, or friends ?

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    I do believe this to be badly translated SPAM!
    Don't bring skittles to a gun fight.

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