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Thread: Online Image Hosting - Another One Bites The Dust

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    Default Online Image Hosting - Another One Bites The Dust

    I've just discovered that Photobucket, who I have used for years as my online image hosting site, has changed their terms of service.

    As it would be $35 per year to upgrade my account there to enable their "web sharing" or "3rd party hosting" features, I don't believe I'll be using them anymore.

    Well it was nice while it lasted. It's a shame though that the photo documentation of all my various projects etc are no longer showing up, just an error in place of the previous image.

    Anyone have any suggestions? I won't cancel my account there until I have a solution figured out.

    I don't really have a right to be peeved at them because I've used the free account there for years. Their service has gradually been declining to the point of the website becoming virtually unusable this past year. If there's another alternative I would like to see about relocating some of the images.

    It's a real shame because I don't typically post pics of my breakfast - I try to post pics that are interesting or instructive, and it really detracts from the "thread legacy" of trying to pass things on to others.
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    Thanks Bruss ..for the update. I did not know this about photo bucket. Thanks.


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    I didn't know either, and I have been using them for at least 13 years. You are right. In the last year it has been next to impossible to use the site due to all of the pop up ads and the redirects. It's a shame because I have over 600 pictures there, but I too can't complain since I have no skin in the game so to speak.
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    I have been slowly removing pictures from photosuckit. I've since switched to imgur.
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    Photobucket has been a PIA for years with their arbitrary rules. I second trying The site was actually created by someone who was fed-up with Photobucket's antics lol.

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