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Thread: Went to court yesterday

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    So do you counter sue? Or file suit for frivolous lawsuits?
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    I'll respond to the appeal. That's all I need to do.
    In order to have an appeal ruled on, you have to do it correctly for one. The other is you must have substantial proof the judge made mistakes. The major mistake would be that he did not allow her due process. Other mistakes would be that she had a legit claim and he denied the legit claim. Neither has occurred. There is no need for a counter claim. That would just cause more unnecessary delay that isn't needed.

    The appeal for the March 27th Summary Judgment has long expired for an appeal. Timeline to file an appeal is 45 days as judgment was issued.

    The appeal for the new lawsuit she filed and was dismissed is futile on her part. The grounds for the dismissal of that lawsuit was rule 91a of the Texas rules and procedures code among other reasons heard during the hearing which will be produced for grounds objecting the appeal. Straight out of the Texas rule of laws.

    Her efforts are nothing more that stall tactics of the inevitable.

    There is always concerns when an appeal is in play but this court in my county rules by laws, not emotions. That alone lets me be comfortable knowing at least 95% the appellate court, if they rule at all, will be in the lower courts favor.

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    So do you counter sue? Or file suit for frivolous lawsuits?
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