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Thread: Not Your Father's. EMP - Why It's Different Now

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    Depends on what happens. Satellites are designed to handle EMP. They get far more on a regular basis than the surface of Earth does. And for systems like GPS or weather satellites, they're in constant orbit so there's a good chance some will survive unless we're talking an hours-long massive solar hit. Geostationary satellites are far enough out they're fairly safe from any Earth-oriented pulses. Like so many things with EMP, it depends on what kind of hit but there's a good chance some satellite systems will remain active for a while unless upkeep stops (and I don't think the US military wants to go without GPS).

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    Agree a lot depends on the breaks. A low orbit nuke would leave a lot of ionized particles in whatever orbital band it was detonated in... that could be rough on satellites. Military satellites you would expect to be extra hardened... and GPS is first and foremost a military tech system. How hard is hard enough? Only one way to find out for sure and that is banned by international treaty.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Daelith View Post
    I would go with an AM/FM radio. Cell phones require a digital signal to pass in order to ring. If it gets too garbled, it'll just drop off the network; that's a low bar to measure how much RF power is getting through. A radio will just play whatever it receives, giving you an analog measure of how much is blocked. Walkie talkies are great if you turn off squelch because you get the analog measure but you also can put the transmitter right next to the container which seriously bumps up the signal strength.

    I didnít think about that. Good info! Thanks!
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