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Thread: The Big E...she is a sad sight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by orangetom1999 View Post
    Thanks TommyGun,

    I was aware of none of that information...not being a big fan of the series.

    I was, however, surprised to recognize that in an olde Twilight Zone episode...William Shatner portrayed an airline passenger alarmed by being the only one to see a Gremlin out on the wings and trying to remove the panels from the engine...and thus being held/confined as a crazy person.

    This episode has had some remakes over the years as it seems to be sort of a classic and I thought William Shatner did a good acting job in this Twilight Zone episode. I believe this was before he became famous for his role as Captain Kirk.

    Shatner had a pretty good gig as an actor prior to STAR TREK. In 1960 he had a role as adjutant to the chief prosecutor in the movie JUDGEMENT AT NUREMBURG. This is a very nice movie about the famous Nazi Trials .... and if you cannot wade through the whole movie atleast watch the last 10 minutes where the prosecutor goes to visit the jailed Nazi officer prior to leaving for America.
    Later he appeared in an episode of THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. Interestingly, by coincidence, another later famous actor that appeared in that SAME EPISODE was Leonard Nimoy, later he played Mr. Spock next to Shatner's Jim Kirk, and the two became friends.
    He had two roles in the early 1960s series THE NAKED CITY. In one, "Portrait of a Painter," he played a wanna-be artist who had repressed problems with ladies, and had murdered his wife. The main trick is watching the detective heading the case, Adam Flint, peel back the obfuscations, unknowns, and reveal the truth. The other one is a little more .... bizarre. Shatner plays a Burmese sailor who is out for vengeance after an American ship's captain takes no action to save his brother's life. Watching Shatner affect what may -- or may not -- be a Burmese accent is entertaining. It may have permanently altered his speech patterns. And someone did something wierd to Shatner's hair ....but that was the age of Brylcream -- "a little dab will do ya." Ha ha. Geeeesh. That series had a LOT of both famous people and people who would later become famous ... Dustin Hoffman, Peter Falk..... many others.
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    Ha Ha!!! Yeah....I remember that coming up..."A little dab will do ya!!"

    You that you bring it up those lights...I recall over the years...seeing some westerns and recognizing Deforest Kelly and Leonard Nemoy in them. This before they were more well known by their Star Trek roles.

    Not so much William Shatner...but those other two.

    I have not seen that describe "Judgement at Nuremburg.'

    Thanks for those details.


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