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Thread: Can't weed much but my garden doesn't seem to be lacking

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    Wow, my taters are just starting to come up. onions are up too and the frost didn't hurt the cabbage or broccoli thank goodness . I hate weeds too but have to admit that by the end of summer I sometimes let them get out of hand. Last year I got really lazy and just took the weedeater down between the rows.

    I plant mostly row crops too but have been adding a lot of raised beds the last several years. My dad always had a raised bed ( a " hotbed " he called it ) that he raised lettuce, rhubarb, and horseradish in , and I have used it since he died, but I have also added 3 old cast iron bathtubs, an old jaccuzi, and used car and truck tires as raised beds. They work great .

    I planted a couple amish tomatoes this morning in the raised beds , couldn't stand it any longer, they were getting big. Rain appears to be over so hopefully by Monday or Tuesday it will be dry enough to start planting corn and beans.
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    We've dug up about 400 pounds of potatoes so far but I had to stop. Will try to finish up most of it this evening if I can and what's left will have to wait until Monday cuz we'll be in Dallas tomorrow to visit hubs mom for Mothers Day. Nice big red potatoes so far. The rest a russet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Camouflaged View Post
    I hurt my back about 6 weeks ago and it hurts to use the weed hoe or bend over to pull them.

    This is part of my small kitchen garden.

    Corn in the back, then bush beans in front of the corn, then spinach in front of the beans, and my five monster zucchini plants which are producing like crazy!

    This is 1/4 of my kitchen garden from the right side. Lots and lots of good food!

    My Zucchini plants got big this year. I planted 5 seeds in this little plot! We're going to MIL's house this weekend for Mother's Day. I'm gonna dump a bunch of Zucchini of her. Hehe

    Know just how you feel, Cammi. I have a disc in my lower back in which the cartilage (sp) is wearing away. Getting down on my hands and knees weeding just about puts me down for days at a time. That's probably why I haven't had a garden the last two years...counting this year. Just thinking about it makes me cringe. Daughter and I, the other day, were talking about spending this summer building raised beds and growing some fall crops, brussel sprouts, turnips, collards and such. I'm in the process of drawing a map of my garden to determine the size of raised beds to employ and how many I can get in the space I have. My garden is about 2790 sq ft. "L" shaped. I'm thinking that by going to raised beds, and using the square foot technique in some of it for some items I can get greater production than by just straight row gardening. By going this route, and putting landscape fabric under the beds, and leaving room to get a walk behind mower between the beds, I can eliminate most of the weeding. Your, and anyone else with such experience, thoughts and advice please.

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    Raised beds might be just what you need. Maybe with a built in ledge (seat) around the outside of them so you can sit while working in each bed. I have been thinking about building, or having hubs build me some trugs for low growing plants. I would have to completely rearrange my kitchen garden though. Still thinking on it. Probably won't build them until I just can't do it any more. I'm not there yet.
    Making good people helpless, doesn't make bad people harmless!

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