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Thread: END THESE ABUSES':Trump vows to reverse Obama national monuments 'land grab

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    Mountains & Lakes of the extreme NorthEast


    Maybe hellary can start a non profit trust and manage it for us ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tdale View Post

    These are the places we are talking about, I love camping and don't want to see my rights to use public land eroded

    I just don't see any benefit to the average American in taking these public lands that are open to all, and basically converting them from Public land into private property

    MOST federal land requires nothing for Americans to visit, no fees to camp (14 day limit on BLM land before you have to find a different spot) , no fees to visit, there are millions of acres of BLM land I can camp on anytime I want, doesn't cost me a dime when I arrive. There are a few of the bigger national parks that have fees, but the vast majority of all federal land is free and open to all to use responsibly.

    We've seen what corporations think of people with United Airlines...... "Sorry you were going to visit Yellowstone, but we got a higher bidder so we have to bump your visit to next year" AND that would be their right if they owned the property.....there would be the small legal print associated with your visit to the park.......and it would certainly get more expensive in private hands.

    What happens when Yellowstone is only accessible to the highest bidders?
    Or these :




    Wild horses - Long Valley, Nevada

    I got bunches more images of places that would be closed if under private ownership.
    More than likely a lot of the places would be setup a private hunting 'preserve'.
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    Beautiful pictures.
    Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

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