With two red houses, a red oval office, and ready access to the nuclear option, they can go as retarded as they feel like and it'll be as effective as pissing in the wind.
They will go full retard because their base demands it. They have to keep their base energized so they can keep raising $ to pour into hopeless races like the last two special elections.

They rats are going thru the same upheaval that the redumblicans went thru after loosing the house, senate and white house in 2008 where the base got energized against the party leaders and primaried some in 2010 and vastly increased the influence of the base. They had their version of an ancient party hack (McCain) that the rats had with Killery.

Much as I don't like McConnell, I will say that he played the Supreme vacancy masterfully. Kept a liberal out and gave all the conservatives a reason to vote against Killery. IMHO, Trump is in the WH because of that.