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    I have several, pretty decent laptops I rebuilt for sale if anyone is interested.

    I try to deal with Lenovo, Asus, and Toshiba business class, and various, gaming class laptops exclusively.
    I will sometimes take a "consumer class" (Think, Wal-Mart) laptop as partial trade.
    I do occasionally have other brands (Dell/HP) available.
    The options below, are available on all my computers.

    Toshiba Tecra:

    1) @$325

    8gb/Ram (2x4gb DDR3 PC12800) comes with it. 12, or 16gb/ram if you want to pay extra for the ram chips.
    Intel i5 3320 "Ivy bridge" 2.66ghz (upgrade to i7 can be done)
    Intel HD4000 on board Graphics.
    750gb HDD
    No O/S (Want a LEGAL O/S, it's an extra $30). However, I will provide the Win7Pro drivers on CD.

    All computers come with:
    Good battery, maybe new OEM, or Aftermarket.
    OEM Charger, or appropriate, aftemarket charger.

    If you have me install the O/S, you'll also get:

    160 to 320gb external drive (Depending on what I have at the time), in a USB 2.0 case, with both the Windows 7 image, and a Macrium Reflect image.
    1) Macrium Rescue disk.
    1) Windows 7 repair disk
    Hiberboot system for Windows 7 (Works similar to Windows 8/8.1/10 "Fastboot".

    Loaded computers come with:
    Firefox Portable
    Burning software
    Macrium Reflect
    Libre Office
    Avast antivirus
    Mini Tool Partition Wizard Free
    Driver Booster 3 (for updating drivers)
    IOBit Uninstaller.
    BelArc Advisor.
    (Windows 8/8.1/10, come with Spybot Anti-Beacon, to protect your privacy).

    My computers come with limited warranties.
    Lenovo T420:

    Pretty good light gamers.

    1)@ $250 (Medium, to high "B" grade, cosmetics),
    1)@ $300 (low "A" grade, cosmetics)

    i5 2540m CPU "Sandy bridge" 2.6ghz (Upgrade to i7 doable)
    8gb/Ram, 2x4gb DDR3 PC3-13333, or 12800 (Upgrade to 16gb)
    nVidia NV4200 graphics 1gb/video.

    Consumer class, budget computer (Probably a Wal Mart computer).

    1)@ $200 "B" grade.

    AMD E-300 APU @1300Mhz, with RADEON HD 6310 graphics.
    4gb/Ram (PC3-12800) Upgrade to 8gb/ram for another $25.
    500gb/5400rpm HDD

    Lots of useful software.

    Good, basic computer for home/school, with Windows 10, and Office 2007 (On the computer when I acquired it).
    Pretty snappy little computer, for what it is.

    Very good battery
    OEM Charger.

    All systems are tested, BIOS updated, if it's possible, and guaranteed to function as intended.

    All computers have working webcams, unless noted.

    Anything not working, will be noted.

    I do take trade ins, but only locally, and only laptops.

    You'll have to pick up the shipping.

    Shoot me a PM...
    Let me know!
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    have any dead lap top batteries around? and what part of Texas are you in? You can send me a PM if you don't want to post it publicly.
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