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Thread: World Gone Silent Kit

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    their advertising sounds like the gmrs bubble packs.LOL. Nice package, and since you would need to have it halfway between where you are going and where you live, so you would need a GOOD antenna with good height at that location, the rollup antenna may work but it will need height, go figure the logistics for that. But packaged like it is would make it much easier to steal. Unless I missed something there is no mention of it being amateur radio and no mention of a license needed, wonder what freqs, are they using cross band, etc ?
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    Needs a Tech Class lic to operate any of them.

    Quad Band 29/50/144/430 MHZ VHF/UHF FULL, YSK-8900 Separation Kit included in box.
    YAESU FT-8900R
    29/50/144/430 MHz FM Transceiver
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    I have the GMRS/FRS frequencies in the memories of my Baofeng UV 5R walkie talkies and also the same memory in my BF F8 HP Baofeng Walkie Talkies.

    I have also, and of recent, taught myself to make roll up dual band J pole antennas for the 2 meter and 440 MHZ bands. Up until recent I had only made single band J pole antennas.

    The problem with the 440 MHZ band is limited range. Within its usable range it is fine ..but for any extended range...a directional antenna works best...but these antennas are not that portable.
    Also and depending on terrain the 440 MHZ band might not do well at all range wise. Hilly al.

    Before my friend moved to Tennessee...we used to work simplex locally...on 2 meters ...and SSB at that. The distance from his house to mine working on our base stations was about 16 miles. We would hook up on a local repeater and then switch to simplex...or 2 meter SSB...this was base station to base repeater

    When I was at work and had slack time I would often catch him on my Baofeng walkie talkie on 2 meters FM. Distance of some 10/11 miles using repeaters. But with the 8 watt Baofeng BF F8HP radios I found that we could work SIMPLEX...walkie talkie to his base repeater. IF I wanted more range...and clearer copy..I would go to the top of a certain building...some 85 feet of elevation to get a better copy.

    Out on the land I would try to find a body of water and put it between myself and where I want to talk. A pond or lake...Water carries a signal well and with fewer signal losses than does overland. Failing that ..the roof of a parking garage would work for altitude/range.
    These are little fine points to know about radio operation...that most never think through...if you've never had the experience.

    We tried the 440 MHZ band but the copy was not that good as compared to using the 2 meter FM mode and then 2 meter SSB. We even tried 440 MHZ SSB but did not find that satisfactory as compared to 2 meter SSB.

    But if GMRS/FRS frequencies are all you have is with what you will need to SHTF or any other condition. GMRS/FRS frequencies are up in the 440 MHZ areas. Very short wavelengths.

    This is a ready made kit for those who do not have any other options, skills, or knowledge's and want a ready to go store bought kit. I agree with Nicor's assessment of this kit.

    But for me I try to stay away from the 440 MHZ band.

    But those look like Baofeng walkie talkies in the photos. The good thing about those walkie talkies is that they will transmit from some 130 MHz to up around some 500 MHZ.
    They are commercial walkie talkies.

    Those of us with the know how..have worked ways out of and around this with our own knowledge and skills.

    Since my friend has movied out to Tennessee...some 400 miles distant...we have begun to use the 160 meter band...which is just above the AM Broadcasting band...or some 1.8 MHZ to 2.0 MHZ. For now it is working out repeaters...just radio to radio.

    I recently given away some five of my older Ham walkie talkies to a knowledgeable Elmer who is fixing them up and going through them to give to new Hams...upon successful completion of their test. As I no longer use them with the advent of the inexpensive Baofeng radios...I think his idea is a good one to help out new hams who do not have starting/beginning gear...and in a manner of speaking...recycling.

    I verily advise people interested in communications for their PREPS to get their ham license and hook up with knowledgeable Elmers/teachers to guide them in learning to be somewhat self sufficient in SHTF or TEOTWAWKI. Do this good give you some flexibility/options/knowledge's in bad times.

    Lots of prepper minded, practical, and experienced people to be found on the Ham Bands.

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    World gone silent is a good concept....but if you have no formal training on how to use the gear it is useless. Go on and get your ham license and get on the air and that way you have a basic understanding of how the gear works. But, they are way overpriced for me.

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