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Thread: 1 Year Supply of Freeze Dried Food - Lot 15 Cases / 90 #10 cans - Michigan

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    I'm also not sure where the claims of the shelf life should be cut in half are coming from.
    I guess I did not make myself clear enough. This is what I said.........
    Even though most of those year claims should be cut in half
    What I meant was the when a company says "this x amount of food feeds two people for a year ". The calorie count for that amount of food is usually very inadequate to feed people for as long as the claim (though it might be enough to just barely keep them alive if they lead a sedentary lifestyle).
    So when the ad says this bucket of food is a two week supply it is always safer to figure it for a one week supply instead.

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    Ah ok - that makes more sense. Serving sizes are controlled by the USDA, but yeah I agree - they don't make for filling meals going off the USDA minimums.
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