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We build saferooms, storm shelters, and NBC fallout shelters. Choose your risk tolerance and what you aim to survive.

As for surviving a nuclear event--there are a whole lot of factors, variables, and considerations to go into a discussion of the topic. I could literally write you a book on the topic ... and plenty of books HAVE been written. I'll start by saying this much--if you're deathly afraid of nuclear warfare, then you've bought the old liberal fairy tale about nukes designed to keep you from looking too closely at what is actually going on out there. (The rest of the world powers out there have robust civil defense programs for their populations. The US on the other hand decided that our modern civil defense program would be limited to just a chosen few.)

No matter--it's really not a hard thing to prep for NBC threats ... even nuclear events. Here's a decent starting point:
"If a nuclear bomb is dropped on your city, here's where you should run and hide"


Note: If you are not ready to be smart about dealing with the aftermath, to include minimizing the effects on the health of you and those close to you from the fallout and radiation, then the result may very well be a long-suffering, painful death for them. It's really not hard to be smart about it. And under most potential scenarios, life will go on pretty much as it always has.

Think I'm lying? How many nukes have been detonated in modern history? A lot of folks will seriously underestimate the number. Watch this:

The short answer is--more than 2000 detonations, more than 520 of them above ground.

I grew up in the '50s when we were raised on milk and food that was radioactive. A lot of us of a certain age as a result have thyroid issues. But life goes on.
Civil defense, wtf. Have you seen many of those shelters currently, talk about decrepit, relics of a by gone era.

Also folks need to understand that old school fallout maps wont work currently with changes in the jet stream.