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Thread: Harvest Right Freeze Dryer

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    Default Harvest Right Freeze Dryer

    Does anyone have experience with these units?
    Looking to possibly buy one here soon with my tax refund.
    Read all the reviews and watched the youtube vids.
    Seems to have a better than average rating. but for 4 G's
    when all said and done (Warranty/spare parts etc...)
    would like to know if anyone has "real world" experience.
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    Camouflaged, swears by hers. Maybe you can get her to unload her knowledge upon us.
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    I find the machine to be quite expensive. For that amount of money, you could lay in quite a bit of storage.

    Have you tried freeze dried food? I do not find it all that wonderful. To me it just tastes like freeze dried food, not fresh, not anything, just freezes dried.

    I have found that if you are going to use freeze dried food, it works best in slow cooking, like soups and stews. If is not something you add hot water to and eat.

    I would suggest you purchase a small quantity of freeze dryer food and try it, you may find it to be quite good or as unpalatable as I do.

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    Why don't you buy the smaller free dryer. It has plenty of room for nearly half the price. I use mine almost every day. The food you get out of it is the food you put in to it. Most freeze dried food you buy ready dried isn't seasoned and usually not as fresh when it goes in. Most everything I freeze dry is either from my own garden or our local farm growers, all organic.
    I use the food that comes out of mine daily and it's absolutely delicious. You don't know what condition the food was in when you buy packaged freeze dried.
    The meats I freeze dry is very fresh and cut to my specs from the butcher, not prepackaged with dyes, or its meat I've harvested and processed myself. Wild hog, dear, squirrel, rabbit, dove, quail etc... I also freeze dry milk, butter, eggs, home made cheese, ice-cream as well as all different kinds of veggies and every fruit you can think of. I use my freez dried fruits like apple, peaches and berries to make pies with. I soak my fresh fruits in sugar water before hand to enhance their sweetness. Freeze dried seasoned green beans are my favorite night time snack.
    Knowing what I know now, I would have paid double for mine.
    My hubby can't tell the difference between previously freeze dried and fresh and he has a sensitive palate
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