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Thread: Got my garden up and running!

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    The metal reducer is a mouse guard. Mice will sometimes climb into a hive for winter warmth. The metal guard keeps them out. Now that winter is over, the wooden reducer is just to keep the entrance small enough for a starting up hive to defend it while the hive is still small. Once the hive brood emerges, I can remove that wooden reducer because there will be enough bees to defend the entrance from predators like wasps. This hive started out with. Approx 10,000 bees (3 pounds).
    Within a few months it will grow to roughly 60,000.

    I use medium supers mostly. They take a little longer to fill up but I don't pull the whole box. Just the frames as they fill up and transport them in a plastic tub. I replace the pulled frames with new ones before I close the hive. I can't lift those boxes, even the small supers when they are full. Even the small supers when full can weight upwards of 60 pounds. Not with my back in the shape it's in. Pulling frames instead of whole boxes is much easier for me.

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    Were you replacing the metal with the wood piece to limit access from wasp and other predators? What point will you add the shallow supers? There is a page for bees if you think we should move it over there.
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    Got lots of plants started inside now, still too early to put them out. Several types of tomatoes, cherry tomatoes (red) , banana peppers, Vietnamese peppers . The yellow pear tomatoes didn't sprout for some reason. Stopped by the FFA greenhouse, and they had yellow pear tomatoes . Happy day, they didn't have them last year, and they are my granddaughter's favorite. Pappy will get some brownie points this year !! Also picked up some cabbage, broccoli , and cauliflower plants , and some more tomato plants. Didn't really need more maters but it helps the FFA .

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