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Thread: Generator?

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    my 2 primary concerns when it comes a generator.1st,the fridge and freezer.the 2nd,is the ac window unit so my mom can and will have ac when needed..everything else,comes in dead last.flashlight batteries can be recharged by the way of my power converter i have for a car lighter,and a battery charger.and yes,i've done that while camping out one time..
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    I am sure you already know what kind of generator you are going to buy. I went with a 7KW Generac. I am familiar with these generators, which we use to power up cell towers and operations centers. I figured if they are trusted in commercial operations, they are good enough for me.

    No matter what you buy, Periodic Maintenance and testing is an absolute must. You don't want to find out something is not working, after the power goes out.

    I like your list of essentials. The well pump is the only thing I power up constantly. Everything else gets switched on or off as necessary. That saved me a lot of money on power requirements. Just a thought.
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