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Thread: Navy investigating SEALs unit that rode with Trump flag in Kentucky convoy

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    Quote Originally Posted by beowulf View Post
    LMAO!! Boy, you've REALLY got a hard-on for T all of a sudden. What'd he do, piss in your corn flakes? (Giggle, giggle)
    He won't take me to dinner! Lol
    "The First Gay President", L'dMAO!! "Peace can ONLY be achieved through SUPERIOR FIREPOWER, STOMPING LIBS and CARPETBOMBING"!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by orangetom1999 View Post
    Back when I was with the Army National Guard, after doing four years with the Air Force, I always wanted to fly the Stars and Bars from our 155 MM Towed Howitzer...or the truck we used to tow it. It probably would have gotten me in deep kim chee.

    Wouldn't you rather have flown the Battle Flag, instead of the First National Flag..

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    Use to have this major from 4id, give me shia about flying the Iraqi flag under old glory on my advisor truck. Use to also b!tch at me for not painting numbers on the side of the door. Advised him he was trying to get us killed cause the Iraqi hummers don't have numbers.

    They ended up spraying the numbers one night on the doors when we were in for refit. Took my Iraqi flag but got another one. Also got the blast damage from them identifying us.

    Sometimes it seems the chain of command is trying to do nothing but get us killed.

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