here there is a lil grocery store that has another store inside it,, sells all kinds of natural things to use as remedies and supplements and vitamins,
Anyways, I was remembering an herbal combination I used back in 2000 to make capsules to use when the cold and flu season came upon us.
The recipe called for fenugreek seed, cayenne, ginger, Thyme, and white sage,, all gound in a mortar and pestle then put in capsules.. you take one capsule per meal at the onset of symptoms and take them like that till it clears up.
So I decided its time to get back to baggin,, so to speak. I bought a 1 lb bag of fenugreek seed and next week I will buy one bag of cayenne. They sell Pioneer spices and herbs and I've had their stuff before so I'm good with it.. right behind the cash register/counter is a rack of books you can look through to find treatments and remedies and what not.
We got to talking about doctors and medicines and natural remedies but I didn't bring up anything else.
The young man said he only goes to the doctor to get a diagnosis then comes back and get what he needs to take care of it.
Good on Him.
If anyone here knows about the ratios in this recipe please post > I believe it may have come from the Herbal Companion magazine but I cant be sure