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Thread: The ratios of PMs (not PMS ......) are off compared to historical statistic

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    Flock you are correct IMO. Markets will take a dive before very long, by late summer would be my bet, October at the latest. Real estate and such may possibly lead the way down, at least in certain areas around the country. FED is raising the interest rates and already plans are for at least 3 more over the next 6 months. More to come after that if I had my bet. If the Saudis and such can actually lower the flow of oil and raise fuel cost, both will slow the economy from the already anemic pace if is own. The rates rising worry me most of all for the long term. $21 trillion will balloon rapidly.
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    The Fed needs to turn loose some land to sell domestically, they claim millions of acres and I'm sure claim millions of dollars for its upkeep. That debt needs cut in half now, we are a truly weak Nation.
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