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Thread: Florida Airport shooting.

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    Oops! Why isn't anybody talking about this?
    Common sense is so uncommon nowadays it ought to be reclassified as a super power

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    Quote Originally Posted by bambam View Post
    So Al, should we hunt Americans who need the energy and thereby save our natural resources for the Chinese or Russians, or cut off the natural resources to our people and save them for the Russians and Chinese ?
    Taxpayer dollars already pay to hunt Americans.

    Bam, tell me the significance of running the pipeline along the ley line? Who gathers that energy? Not the American people. The people that keep folks in bondage.

    How is allowing this subterfuge, benefit the people?

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    Quote Originally Posted by flock6 View Post
    I was listening to Hannity as it was unfolding, a source told him he was military/x military and involved in a prior criminal case. Not necessarily ptsd as he wasn't in that long, but disturbed none the less.

    The guy had a gun checked in his luggage as is the process, but after collecting his bags went to a restroom and retrieved it. Came out killed 5 and injured eight, last I heard. They even said several were head shots.

    This will probably result in further restrictions for legal gun owners traveling with their firearms.

    Prayers for all
    Which I'm sure was the point of it all
    One day somebody's gonna have to make a stand,
    One day somebody's gotta say enough!

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