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    Loading presents into the trunk of my granddaughters father's car (long story) last night, I noticed it was full of copper screen. He installs windows and doors and apparently there are people with more money than sense that have copper screens installed on their windows only to have them replaced every couple of years due to corrosion and oxidation.

    These were remnants from a previous install, shiny and new. He said he could get me any size I wanted, I just wanted those scraps and tried to pay him for them but he refused.

    I'm thinking I can make a decent farraday cage, and use some for rodent and bug guard. What other uses can y'all think of?
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    Window screens. Loved my grandparents copper screens as a child. Wind seemed to whistle better through them. They painted them as I recall. Tried to find some for my daughters house built in '49. No luck on short notice. I've found it online.
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    Like copper. Should also make a decent cage. Stainless might last a bit longer and would also work for a cage.

    You could spray a clear coat on the copper to keep it shiny n not effect cage performance or window dressing. Some like the pantina the copper builds over time. I do the same with my brass revolvers, let them form a patina/character.
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