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    I thought I'd let you guys know that the LimeSDR has been funded for a while and shipping is soon

    The LimeSDR is $289 but has the function of a $1,100 B210.

    If you're into SIGINT, for the money, I can't think of a better SDR for SIGINT than the LimeSDR. It can instantaneously sample a full 60MHz of bandwidth and it even includes an integrated 40K FPGA for creating/testing different Radio circuits with field programmable logic gates. The options the LimeSDR gives you is basically limitless. When I left the military even the LLVI SIGINT guys didn't have intercept radios this powerful and adaptable.

    I'm really looking forward to getting mine.

    You can transmit as well, but with an output of 10 dBm one would need an amplifier to make a decent transceiver, but with an Amplifier one could make one hell of a transceiver if one were so inclined.

    Thought I'd pass the campaign along as it's comparable to the B210 SDR ($1,100) and yet the LimeSDR is only $289
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