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    P82A03641.jpgI cannot spare 2200-2700 dollars for one of those tank bikes that are already made and I need a better rack carrier than this small 20 pounder. Had to take out the water jug due to the bag being unstable and more prone to falling when riding. Need some help with modifications. Starting with a better carry rack.
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    Have you thought about getting a bike trailer? Hubs and I used to ride a lot and sometimes camp off the bike trails so we bought bike trailers. He hauled the gear and food and I hauled our two pampered Schnauzers. LOL
    They are fairly inexpensive on eBay.
    Check this one out.. 68.00 And free shipping.
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    Not sure about that. Almost wasted my money on the rack carrier before this one that held 45-50 and had strut bars that were incompatible. Returned it and got my money back. Ive said it many times before on here, but I am a Traditionalist and really feel better testing before I buy. Just dont want to buy that and have it end up being incompatible for my bike as well.

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    Sorry, that's my best suggestion.
    Remember what Einstein said:
    I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.

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    Milk crate tied to rear rack and another to handlebars.
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    Max Reasonable Carry weight? If possible, I was thinking about a carry rack for a bow or something. Whats the max weight I can put on the bike without slowing it down too much? I know a BO Bike is supposed to be fast. Acquaintance of mine suggested this, but I have my doubts and don't think its in my affordability of my budget.

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    Trying to keep a good balance of speed and balance. New tires are on it, only 13.4 miles roughly; so far on the new tires. (No bike computer on the bike, find it not a need and with winter coming, a waste of money.)

    Despite my experience and numerous survival magazines reinforced the fact, the difficulty of actually getting one remains.

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    In other words, a hardcore hunting partner that has a truck, cooler, .357 magnum on his or her side at the mininum and/or other gear that I cannot easily carry or carry at all.

    Travelling South is not an option, I am not wasting money on a taxi. Plus, I am already in The South-country.

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