Beautiful, sunny day here today so I took the opportunity to top off the firewood crib in the garage from the big pile in the yard. Got me thinking about how much more pleasant it is doing this when it's 65 degrees out than hauling it through the snow when it's in the single digits.

Temps have seemed a little above average so far this Fall so went looking for data to confirm it, and found this page which was exactly what I was looking for (it has been warmer than average here so far):

Click your state and nearest weather station, and then the "Preliminary Monthly Climate Data (CF6)", and the timeframe you want.

What follows is just me bragging about my house so stop reading here if you wish

For the month of October our average temperature was 51 degrees, with 7 days where the low fell to 32 or less. 629 total heating degree days (HDD in the chart) from Sept 1st through yesterday.

We have a passive solar home and heat solely with wood, and so far this heating season we've only had 4 fires in the woodstove. I consider "1 fire" to be getting it lit and enough coals to load it up and damper is down, and that provides about 8 hours of good heat. So 3 fires in a day if we keep adding more logs to keep it burning constantly. It's not precise but it works for general planning purposes. So 629 heating degree days and only 4 fires, or about 20 pieces of split oak (plus kindling) off the pile. Our 5-day forecast is calling for highs in the 50's and partly to mostly sunny, so it looks like good ol' Sol will be providing all the heat for my home next week too.