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Thread: Restoring a shattered solar panel

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    Default Restoring a shattered solar panel

    So recently I was given 8 shattered solar panels. They were given to me because they are completely shattered, they have no frames, and each one is rolled up.

    Seeing how I currently only have one, small 5 watt panel, I need to see if I can restore one. So I unrolled each panel and tested them with a multimeter. The winner was a panel that put out 36 volts and 0.65 amps. It's physical dimensions are 2' x 5'.

    Yesterday using 3m super 88 spray adhesive the panel was attached to some plywood. On monday, I am supposed to be receiving some stuff in the mail to reseal the panel. So on Tuesday I should have new power measurements as to how this went. I'll also be taking pictures of it all to show just how bad the panel is.
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    Keep in mind that if you're not getting output, with a little deconstruction and probing with the multimeter you can probably rebuild several good panels out of the 8 shattered ones.

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