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Thread: Beofeng update....Long wire update...

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    Default Beofeng update....Long wire update...

    Last night during a slack moment I used my 8 watt Baofeng BF-F8HP walkie talkie to talk to my friend across the river. We talked for almost two hours on a 2 meter repeater.

    Now this radio has been outfitted with one of these 3800 Mille Ampere Hour extended batteries.

    I talked for almost two hours with this battery and it still had all the bars showing on the battery indicator.
    However ..when I got done I put it on the charger and topped it off.

    This turned out to be a good test with and for this model Baofeng radio and also the 3800 mah battery.

    I believe I would have gone through two of the regular batteries with the five watt Baofeng Walkie talkies.

    A second test for my base station today...I hoisted back up my telescoping mast which I took down to get through the expected High winds with Hurricane Matthew of recent.

    This raised my feed point up some 25 to 30 feet above my roof line for my 300 foot length wire loop. I tested it out by working a station up in New Hampshire today using the microphone and about 60 watts on 40 meters.
    It is good to get this set up back Q5.

    Now I need to get my Ameritron 811H amplifier back working.

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    I am getting my station back on also. Been off for a little over a year. My rotor was jacked, so checked it, and found the brake delay board was toasted, so another will be here tomorrow. I had a couple wire antennas tore up, and there ropes, so have to redo all of that also. Have new uv resistant rope, and new pulleys ready. I guess my priority is to get the ropes and pulleys up next week, then shoot the lines over thhe trees when more leaves are down. Been a ham since 76, and gone through a few low spots of my activity.

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