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    I am trying to find a story. I started reading, and never finished it. Was hoping that someone here might remember it and point me to it, or remember the title. I think the title was "The Retirement" or something like that

    I was reading it at least 4 years ago, maybe more. It was a forum site. I don't think it was here.

    The main character was a man, retired military. He moved to a small town in the mountains of Kentucky. ( I think that was the state, at least in that part of the country)

    He bought a piece of land had a cabin built and had a garden and some livestock. His grown daughter was also in the story. Two other characters, a game warden and state policeman.

    The story starts when he gets to the town. He sets up his cabin and farm. As this is going on the world kind of falls apart. A Drunk white trash family is one his enemies and he has a few confrontations with them.
    He also has a love interest of some kind.

    If anyone remembers this please let me know.


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    try amazon

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