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Thread: Weird Dream Last Night

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    ok I gotta throw my two cents in here .. no shoes,, is not having everything you need to get you where you need to go,, you have basically your gear except for that one thing,, it could mean you as an individual or knowledge you don't have yet.. get you what you need to know to proceed further.. something lacking.. not necessarily skills but some little thing as basic as shoes.. maybe an oversight. like when the house is on fire and you jump out with no blanket to keep you warm and its the middle of winter .. the big flag,, to me its an old reminder of what used to be never surrender never retreat kinda thing maybe,, its size was definitely a you aint gonna forget this moment,, don't forget the glory of what this country used to be back in a certain era maybe.. its still up on the pole but its seen better days

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    Quote Originally Posted by bruss01 View Post
    Uh... I counted the paragraphs... 14 of them by my reckoning. Tiny screen?
    I reread the 14 paragraphs and yes, tiny screen and older eyes.

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