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Hello everyone, I'm new here and gardening is one of my favorite things to do. I have had raised beds and I've planted in the ground, but the best is my Back To Eden garden. You can find it on YouTube. It is a wonderful way to garden. I'm now retired and it's wonderful to have a garden that I don't have to water or weed. It really does work well.

The only hassle is renewing the chips every year. I usually do that in the fall when it's cool. A ton of chips is still a ton, lighter than dirt so it's not too bad.
Just watched the 20 min video, rather interesting take on it. I can see how your system would work, as I'm noting something similar in the ground that I'm trying to clear from all the branches and limbs from getting my trees cut. I do have a few questions though.

1: In my current garden I put down weed cloth, sand, and Wood chips to try and keep the weeds out. However they just grew through the layer of sand and right up through the wood chips. It's rather disheartening considering the money I spent and now I can hardly see the wood chip through all the grass and weeds that have grown. To prevent this from happening in a new garden set up, how thick of a layer would I need to lay down? I see in the video you've got no weeds showing.

2: Everything I've ever read or been told, says PH levels need to be adjusted to get things going. I know that over time, using a method like this will balance things out, but is there anything I should do at the start? Right now, the are I am looking at is highly acidic due to all the pine trees and thus layers of pine mulch that is already down. Should I just go ahead and plant and let the years naturally adjust the levels or would you reccomend laying down some thing like 45-0-0 to help balance it out?

3: I noticed in some of the close up shots, some of your crops were awfully close to each other, specifically your carrots seemed to bunched up. When you plant what is your method? Most everything I've read says to use even spacing and thin the seedlings once they start to grow. I'm guessing during the off season, the whole area is covered in mulch, but when you plant, is it simply a matter of exposing a small area to put seeds or started plants, then covering it back up?

4: Do you have any useful tips on clearing stumps out of the area? I've got hundreds of them I'll be dealing with in order to clear my area for planting, and I certainly don't want any trees trying to grow back.

5: Is there anything I need to consider when doing this in a large area? For example I plan on a small corn field as well as planting some grains as well. I've got a a push cart that digs a trench, plants the seeds with proper spacing, then covers the planted seeds. Will this still be usable for something like what you've done?