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Thread: This is NOT a disaster... But it could have been

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    Default This is NOT a disaster... But it could have been

    My family in Eastern Washington, came in from working the farm and were going to start their mid day break with lunch and a well deserved rest. The grilled cheesy sandwitches were cooking, and everyone was joking around and looking forward to the days end.

    The ground heaved upward. The ground started to shake. Things started to fall off shelves. Everything got silent. Except for the low rumble from the earth as the shaking continued for a few seconds.

    I just got the call from the family. Every one is OK.

    It turned out, the gold mine down the road was opening up a new shaft and they hit a methane pocket. Nobody hurt. No equipment was lost. They scared the heck out of a few neighbors.

    It got me to thinking about how well we prepare for natural disasters as well as the disaster that is our government. Don't get me started on the government.

    Disasters come in all sizes, and I hope we are getting prepped for the small ones as well as the large ones.

    Almost sounds like my oilfield drilling days. Lots of pucker factor sometimes.
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    Yep. Our electricity here has not been very reliable to say the least. I'm working on a decent solar system but it is not anywhere near ready to be used. So today I went and got a crazy deal on an older 5500 watt generator. This is a short term solution for a short term problem that could blow up into a much bigger problem without the generator.
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    The problem in preparing, is we don't know when a disaster will happen. During Y2K, the Bird Flu thing, people were buying everything they needed to last a few years, but as well all know, neither happened. So we get lax in our preps, we don't buy as much food, medical supplies, tools etc, and then it happens.
    At my age, it's it's a tornado or earthquake, and I'm alive, I will get thru it and keep going. If it's an EMP nuclear war, or or other such civilization ending event, I would be dead long before things got back to even somewhat normal. And I'm sure not going to be playing Rambo like I did in my younger years. I just hope to live long enough to help the young people around me that I care about to get a start after it falls apart.
    So I would say that unless we have a date we are looking at, 99.9 percent are not going to be ready for anything major.

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    Basically, any disaster that takes out the electricity will start the ball rolling for hard times. If it is only a few days, people can survive, and recover. If it ends up being an EMP type event whether it is a solar flare, a weapon, or a catastophic event that permanently cripples the power grid, this will very soon, become a real tragic event for those who are not prepared.

    Simple things like lack of medication, untreated water, and disease will take out half of the population within the first few months.

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