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Thread: Advice/Assistance with Shelter

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    The young man I was speaking of, the one with the bivy sack, did not have a car either. He went partway on a bike and partway on foot. He carried EVERYTHING in his backpack.

    I think he started out with a 40 pound backpack, but then pared it down to, I think, 25 pounds. He found the heavier load to be cumbersome

    I say it again: if you cannot take it with you it will be stolen.

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    Oh. As for hunting partners, I don't hunt. Also I live halfway across the country. HOWEVER, why don't you do a google search on how to snare a squirrel? It looks VERY basic, just a wire loop and a nail, and squirrels should be very active this time of year!

    Lastly, you kind of remind me of my youngest. I were to give you advice, I would suggest you google your local Family Services office (or whatever thy call it in your state) and ask their help on getting a section 8 apartment? There is nothing quite like a roof over your head when winter sets in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lonewolf View Post
    ....I am asking for a survival partner. Am I the only one here willing to give people a chance?!
    Well, it is not like there are a couple of hundred members in each state on this board. It is more hit and miss.... for instance, I am only aware of maybe two other members in the state I live in and no one is close. If you live in Texas, that would change. It is more advise and suggestions I look for, and it is plentiful here if you can keep your mind open and transform info to relate to your own specifics.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lonewolf View Post
    .... I am a good and honest man....
    I don't believe that was ever a question, it is more that your circumstances are hard to relate to for most. I understand that OPSEC is important, and you don't want to specify too much, but it is a mouthful to digest as I, for one, has never experienced what you are saying so a big question mark appears.

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    Im not concerned about small game; I seek a hunting partner to help drag out the deer, bear, etc. and to back me up if I ever get charged by a cougar, boar or bear or if I get bit by a snake, being my extractor is amongst the stolen property. Im surprised you dont hunt terri, thought survivalists and hunting go hand in hand. I am even looking for a mentor for the Woodsman vocation. forestry, tailoring and woodworking. you know, make your own cabins, bows, spears and clothes from trees and hide/sinew.

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    according to the archaologists, the cavemen ate more small game than big game.

    Lonewolf, Mother Nature can be a bitch. I inherited some bad genes, and at only 61 years of age I am handicapped. So I make the most of what I *CAN* do, and what I can do is to sit on a dock and fish. So, I go down to a local park and sit on the dock and drop a line in the water. The bluegill are mostly in the shade of the dock. And, the key to catching them is to use very small hook and either liver or a bug on your hook. Worms are great: grasshoppers are often too large, grubs are great but it Is the wrong time of year for grubs: mostly the grubs have matured into beetles right now.

    If there is a lake in your area you might try it. You do not need a pole. Fishing line(scrounged or bought), a small hook ($2 a packet), and some worms will do. just tie the line to something so you do not lose it, and put a hook on the other end.

    Few people knowhow to eat small fish without getting a mouthful of bones. If you can imagine the skeleton of a fish, the meat is outside the skeleton and you can lift it off with a fork in small bits. There is also line of bones under the fins. After I gently eat the top half of the fish I remove the fins, which takes the bones with them, and then
    I lift off the skeleton of the fish. Check and make sure the rib bones came up with the skeleton: if they did not then you can lift them up with a fork.

    The bad news is that there are few calories in a bluegill. Fish is diet food for a very good reason.

    Making your own cabin is not the hard bit: being allowed to make your own cabin is the hard bit. You might watch a youtube of "Alone" and see how they used a tarp to make their tents. Then they lay logs on the ground inside to get them off the damp ground while they slept. I bet in the morning you could take the tarp off and take it with you, and put it back in the evening. Because what you cannot take with you will probably be stolen. But, I cannot imagine people stealing logs in a forest.

    You might get some cattail roots this time of year. Cat tail roots are edible, though the old roots have a lot of fiber n them,or so I have been told.
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    I can tell right off,, I am not the person you seek. My idea of ''roughing it'' is staying at a Holiday Inn that does not have a bar room, where I have to leave the premises to go find a Bud Light Lime. Now--- that is sho'nuff roughing it to me. It's getting the time of the year now to consider a little better lodging than a tent-- snowballs fixing to start falling. I 'spect if I was living in the woods now-- it would be in south Florida.
    ''the heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left'' Ecclesiastes 10:2 [ NIV ]

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    What Uncle Archie said.

    I will say it again: ask for Section 8 housing. I salute you for wanting to improve your diet with woodscraft, but it is soon going to be COLD out there! And, if you do not know where to go, ask the librarian. If she does not know se knows how to find out, and I hate the idea of people living in tents in the winter.

    My SIL was homeless until a social worker helped her get copies of her birth records, which took a bit of doing as she was born in Brazil and the hospital had also gone out of business.

    She could not live with us as we had teens at home and she was an addict. She also had schizophrenia but the family did not care about that. It runs in her family. We could not allow drugs in the same house with the kids, though. This was a sad thing, but with the help of the social worker she now has an apartment of her own.

    The last time I saw her she looked like she had kicked the drugs, which is good, but it is ALSO good for her to have her own home.

    The library has books on edible plants in your state. Add a rabbit and you have a meal.

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    Ok....I figure that the first reply has something to do with the chastising and such. Do not believe Alrednecks slander. I am not homeless. Homeless tend to be fear mongers, severely inexperienced or addicts. I am none of that. I am a Hardcore Survivalist and very experienced. Again, The main problem is The Larcenies. I know I will have to deal with it and recovering my property that was stolen the hard way; rebuying it all. I am Straightedge. meaning I do not do drugs. Unless you want to get technical and consider Caffeine and Kools; drugs; which they are by the definition of drug.

    Now, I am bold; fearless and very experienced. I learn through hands on; in the field experience; which is why I asked for a mentor. None of my skills I possess were by videos or books; but real experience. Funny how Bundy got help but a man that merely asks for much less; in the sense of a mentor, a hunting partner for security and safety and some borrowed gear; basically just camaraderie goes seemingly unanswered.

    I am not asking the impossible nor anything unrealistic. The last two experiences with anyone homeless I had was typical of their reputation.

    First one was around the 24th or 25th of December last year. woman named Stringer decided she was going to pull her knife on me. I warned her to drop the knife and defended myself with MACE Magnum 3 defense spray.

    Few months ago; also in Hickory, some homeless black guy came up to me at a bus stop while I was smoking a cigarette and asked for me to sell him one. Told him no. Instead of accepting the answer; he stood there trying to Intimidate me and presented a Cause for Concern. Again, I drew my Mace defense spray.

    Only time I had to use force was with the Stringer case; the recent cause for concern wasnt severe enough for me to use the spray.

    The black guy should have just listened to his girlfriend and left me alone. Seems homeless in Hickory like to threaten and assault people. Stringer is a known alcoholic.

    Anyway; back to what I seek.

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    Lol slander!

    For someone who's interested in learning, don't seem to gain any knowledge from any of this. How many times the cops hassle you so far?

    You believe that's going to change for your best interest or the world will get harder for almost everyone.

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    Why don't you just go back to your construction preps and such and stop trying to get people against me?! I am not the only one that deals with harrassment and fear mongers,. Here is one from Texas.

    For a so called Constitutionalist like you claim to be, Al, you walk a fine line.

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