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Thread: WTS 10 troy ounce JM .999 silver bar / coins / rounds.

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    Default WTS 10 troy ounce JM .999 silver bar / coins / rounds.


    10 troy ounce Johnson Matthey .999 silver bar still sealed in original wrapper - $240.00

    1978 Franklin Mint Republic of Panama proof set, still sealed, with .925 silver 20 Balboa, .925 silver 5 Balboa, and .925 silver 1 Balboa coins included - $195.00

    Engelhard and Dahlonega Mint 1 troy ounce bars - $23.00 each.

    Various 1 troy ounce silver coins/rounds - $22.00 each.

    Shipping and insurance at buyer's expense. Payment by USPS money order.
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    I guess you are pricing at $22-24/ oz?
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    I priced based on local dealer's prices in my area, except I am averaging 50% less premium than they are. For example, the average cost of the 10 oz. bar here today is $279.00.

    I wish I could connect with their customers and make the $$$ that they do.

    Offers via PM are always welcome.

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    All sold at this time.

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