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    OK, I've never grown garlic before so I had no idea what this large curly flower-like stem was. Fortunately, I'm not the lazy type and looked it up.
    Turns out it's called a scape and will eventually flower. Everything I read said to cut it off as its removal will promote bulb thickening... so I did.

    Now what?

    Google says you can cook with it and if you do you should treat it like regular garlic.

    Anybody out there ever do anything with their garlic scapes? Recipes of note?
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    Didn't know what it's name was, but read that using the greens tasted like garlic, and regenerated. Made sense to me.
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    Scape is mild to the taste, kinda like a combination of onion garlic. I like strong garlic but the scape, you can curl the flower down and bury it (the flower) and it will grow a new garlic pod. I also grow walking onions. Same technique. They prawl all over the place but are really cool plants to look at and eat and prolific as all get out!
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    No ****! I'm gonna try that!

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