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Thread: Growing Mushrooms?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Camouflaged View Post
    Well, you did ask, and being I'm a horticulture fanatic.. LOL

    Same way as anything else. mushroom propagate. The concentration is on the host it growns on or from.
    Mushroom will continue to reproduce on their own with the right environment you provide in containment.
    People tend to care things to death. That causes exaggerated and unnecessary expense.
    So you are saying once you get them going they can potentially propagate forever? There is no point in learning to grow them if I cant keep it going after SHTF.
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    Let me put it this way. I haven't purchased spore again since I started growing them in 2009. As long as I keep the host clean and amended throughout the seasons they continue popping out mushrooms. On occasion you will have to transfer them to a new organic host if you are porpagating on wood but that's easy enough.
    I haven't grown them forever but I've had my crops a fairly long time.
    Same with asparagus. They are perinnials and will continue to grow and multiply from the same root system for as long as 15 to 20 years with proper care before they finally run their course but then I do let some of my female asparagus go to seed and let them drop to keep my beds residual.
    You have to keep in mind, if it grows and produces, it will grow more of the same as long as the conditions are right. Some plants need a little help but most don't. It's actually based on how you intend to, or not intend to control their environment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Militant_Medic View Post
    So... Anyone out there growing mushrooms and able to give some advice? Would love to add this to my gardening / prepping.

    I bought one of these Mini-Mushroom Farms ( ) at Home Depot and followed the instructions but got zero mushrooms. I think because it is too dry here (Colorado) and I could not seem to keep it moist no matter how frequently I watered the thing.

    There is an old thread on mushrooms from 2010 ( ) but I thought I would start a new one instead of resurrecting the old one.
    Some possible resources:

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    All you need is a very dark room and a big pile of bullshLt. Democrats should be extremely adept at growing mushrooms.

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    hahahaha, nice one beo
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