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    One of my hobbes is flashlights.
    I have a whole bunch of them.
    From 43cm long baton shaped ones with spiked heads near the doors and in the car to small keychain thingies.

    I am even trying to let a manufacturer build a light to the specs of my team consisting of a software developer, a LED tester, a circuit board designer. This probably will take a lot of months to complete but the end result will be a light that is versatile, high quality and completly user configurable and easy to mod. We are all flashoholics so it is not a commercial activity and we ask other flashoholics to join this groupbuy to get to a number of at least 500 people buying it for a special low price and because of this number we are able to convince a manufacturer to actually build it, very cool to do it!

    I am now starting with modding them.
    So replacing the LEDs with ones with a more beautiful tint.
    Or another driver (the PCB with parts that transfer power to the LEDs and control how the user can set modes for example)
    This is very nice, it teaches me how to solder, an important skil with the dream of rebuilding the waterwheel to create our own electricity.
    I rather leran it wth something not vital as flashlights then make the whole house loose power LOL

    So lets me show you something.

    LEFT is the starting point
    This is a very cheap flashlight that came with a fake LED.
    I got a refund thus it was free, but also useless.

    It had 5 modes, low mid high strobe and SOS and next mode memory (meaning it followed this sequence and when turning it on it would go to the next mode so blinky modes were not to be avoided.
    I do not mind having strobe and SOS but "hidden" for example, press the button long to activate strobe is very nice, when in need it is there and when not it does not bother me and others with its blinding effect.

    Also I got kind of bored by the black, so many flashlights have that sniy cheapy black finish.

    But the anodisation of the cheaper lights is easy to change with heat.

    So I put it on the stove, just in de kitchen and removed the parts when a nice color was reached.
    So now it was looking almost like copper, a big step forwards.

    Then the inner workng.
    I changed the LED from the fake almost blue emitting one to a CREE XML2 Warm white that shows all things more natural and is easier on the eye.

    The crappy driver I replaced with a BudgetLghtSpecial driver with a range of user configurable options.
    The blinkies nie and hidden, a voltage check for the cells
    And not low mid high but
    moon - lowlow - low - lowmed - med - lowhigh - high - turbo
    with termal management so it steps down a mode when it gets too warm
    Moon is very nice at night to remain night vision or not to wake others when going to the bathroom or something.
    So with some soldering and baking I transformed a useless light into one of my favorites.

    Oh I write reviews for lights and could post them here as well, I test them as good as I can and find some extremely handy in an SHTF situation. I just finished a test of a stock light that can runs continiously for weeks on full cells and is not extremely heavy or connected to a big car battery.
    A real good light source for a very long time.
    That review is not done but I have testd soe very nice big far throwing lights that are extremely handy to check our property and up to several hunderds of meters at night.
    I would love to contribute instead of just lurking and I have to learn so much on self sustaining living that is all learning and lurking while flashlights I do know and can provide info on.


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    I have LED flashlights, but what I have been wondering, will an EMP take out the LEDs in them?
    Not much difference in an LED and a transistor.

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    Now that is an interesting question
    The driver had all sorts of electronic parts as well
    But a head is acting like a Faraday cage yet the LED is exposed because of the lens.

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    Ahhh.. another flashlight collector.. I have a around 45-50.. My favorites would the the TK75 (have 4 tube extensions) TN30 and 32, BTU.. list goes on..
    As in speed cost money, so does light.. Most people think your crazy for putting $300-400 in a light..

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    TN mainly, on the road alot.


    ^paid 300 for a class4 laser, it's pretty bright.

    @wtb that copper color looks good

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