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    As some of you know, we have been experimenting with several breeds of chicken with several goals in mind: 1) we wanted a self-sustaining flock, not 20 more mouths to feed in a SHTF event. 2) we wanted good layers 3) decent meat birds.

    For the basis of our flock, we used Australorpe, Dorking, Barred Rock, and Icelandic hens. We used Orpington and Jersey Giant Roos. We crossed the hens with the Orpingtons, and then crossed the chicks and the hens with the Jersey Giant. The third generation was then out crossed with the Orpington.

    Our result is a bird of mixed color that is about the size of an orpington, that would rather forage than eat chicken feed. They lay brownish eggs two days skip a day and lay for two more and so forth. The roos are very well mannered and don't bother hens all the time. They keep the flock together and find food for the hens. We have a couple hens who go broody at the drop of a hat, so we hatch out chicks 3 times during the warm months.

    The experiment is winding down, and the last part will be Chicken soup, coq a vin, and chicken and dumplings this fall.
    Then comes the naming of this land race. I was thinking ITEOTWAWKI golds, but the wife doesn't like it.
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    I like the name, actually!

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    Lmao, iteotwawki! Awesome.

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    Lord! What would you call it for short then? "IT"?
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