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Thread: How are your gardens doing???

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    Default How are your gardens doing???

    We keep getting cold days, and my garden is struggling, excepting for the sugar peas. Sugar peas are actually doing OK, so it Is possible that we will get some pods for stir fries before hot weather ruins the flavor! Sugar peas for me is always a gamble.

    Everything else looks kind of pathetic. Something has been eating my cabbages, and my carrots are not up yet.

    The weatherman says last night's frost MIGHT be the last one of the year-maybe- and I really need to get my small plants out where they can get more light and air. I keep putting them on the back deck and then brining them in again, and it is getting old. What is worse, the seedlings are just sort of living without growing or putting out more leaves.

    On the GREAT side, my new bees have arrived! Pollination In the garden should be wonderful! All of our late frosts this year will likely ruin the fruit set on my trees, but a good melon crop would help to make up for that!
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    We dodged the softball sized hail yesterday, so no damage. My fruit trees are doing well, my lettuce is huge, my blackberry is blooming like crazy, mixed greens a re up and running, my peppers are coming back from a surprise frost, my new peppers are growing, herbs are doing well, the only 7 maters I have right now are doing ok, grapes are making already, it's all good. Haven't seen any cucumbers come up yet, and I just planted some beans, but nothing yet.
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    Hail got my tomato's twice now.
    Once 2 weeks ago, and then yesterday evening.
    Both times were golfball size hail.
    Some of the tomato's were just green sticks, no leafs.
    Most were pulverized.
    So, I get to plant a 3rd time.

    I covered most of them with 5 gal. plastic buckets before the storms came, but the hail broke the tops out.
    They were older buckets, guess they were too brittle to hold up.

    Lucky I didn't get the baseball and softball size hail.
    You guys across the Red River got hammered I hear.
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    My garden's doing pretty good. I harvested 5 heads of cabbage for making souerkraut and a bunch of asparagus this morning.
    This is from my younger asparagus bed and first harvest from it. My other bed has been producing for 5 years.

    My maters are busting out of their cages and my corn is about 3' tall now. All my squash a zuchinni are full of flowers and young produce not ready to harvest. My blackeyed peas, green beans and okra are growing like weeds and flowering well.

    My honey melons and sugar babies are starting to vine. All my herbs are producing well too. No bad weather here. Gentle rain every few days and cool nights. My onions are bulbing nicely too. Still have a long row of both white and red cabbage with nice heads close to being ready.

    My sunflowers are the only ones not budding yet but they are getting nice heavy stalks and full of leaves. Carrots aren't ready but they are getting close. Nice big furry tops. I've pulled a few average ones to eat. All my leafy veggies like collards are harvest ready. Nice and tastie!
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    I really want to start a garden or similar growing space, but don't have room due to size constraints of an apartment. I'd love to be able to grow tobacco, tomatoes, some herbs, and marigolds in addition to the couple of thai chili pepper plants that are growing on the porch.

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    Still waiting to plant on the east coast. I have everything inside still. Waiting to germinate more cause I ran out of room and pots. I have about 50 pots on two tables. Can't wait to get everything in!

    I had some asparagus growing but the snow and freezing temps killed what had started to grow. Ugh! Need warm weather! 👀

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    I don't have much out yet due to regular cold spells we've been getting. Taters are coming up, onions are doing great as are my leeks. cabbage looks good. Beets are starting to break the ground. We will pick our first picking of asparagus tomorrow.
    Apple, cherry, and pear trees, blueberries, and grapes are all blooming. Apple, pear, and blueberries are all starting to set.
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    My fruit trees bloomed about a month ago and have small fruits on them. Berries are starting to ripen. I'll be picking those starting in a week to make jellies and jams.
    I forgot to metion my turnips and beets. The tops are leafing out very well. The roots haven't bulbed much yet though. About as round as my thumb maybe.
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    Geez, my wrists and hands hurt this morning. I spent the entire evening yesterday shredding and pounding a 5 gal bucket full of cabbage 5 pounds at a time to ferment souerkraut. Hopefully that will give me at least 16 quarts to last through this next winter.

    I have a lot of cabbage in the garden waiting to be pulled. We eat a lot of steamed cabbage throughout the year but I'll probably pickle some, slaw some and freeze dry the rest that we don't eat fresh from the garden.

    Ha, I say that now but probably after my wrists heal up from being sore, I'll make one more big batch of kraut. Looks like I need to go to Gander Mountain and pick up some more tubes to stuff my smokes pork for sausage. I like that job!
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    I got 30 tomatoes in, 6 chile, still haven't got my green house up, raising seedling in w-mart totes on the back porch.


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