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Thread: How are your gardens doing???

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    I think I lost both tomato. It is a remarkably dry spring and I forgot to water them. Fortunately I stuck a broken leaf in water and it has rooted. I also bought two tomatos at a fund raiser because I felt sorry for them as no one was buying so I now have 3 tomato plants to go in the ground and it is POSSIBLE those 2 not-watered tomatos survived.

    Maybe, anyway.

    I forgot where I planted the carrots, blast it, but perhaps this slow rain will make them germinate.

    We ARE having a long slow drizzle and so I went outside and planted 12 bell pepper plants. We do love bell peppers. And the Food Pantry is always happy to take what we cannot eat. I got a real deal on the peppers: I got a coupon for $10 off at ace hardware. So the pepper seedlings were free. I did also buy ant poison and a package of flower seeds, just because.

    I have a lot of flower seeds started this year: I planted them in the plastic clamshells from the grocery store. When I close the transparent lid the soil stays damp, and I can ignore the plants until they germinate. It makes starting seeds pretty simple! The clamshells the chicken comes in are particularly good for his. After the vegetables have been planted I figure on filling the rest of the garden with flowers, just because I can.

    It *IS* a dry spring, so the next thing to do in the garden really ought to be setting up the hoses and waterers: especially since the peppers are in.

    Lastly, SOMETHING has been eating my cabbage family: 2 more seedlings are gone. I might set up a cage over what Is left!!!!!!!!

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    Still buried under 8 inches of snow. Yeah I'm a little bitter. I hate all you guys.
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    Lettuce is doing great. Herb planter looks good. Green bean vine is already producing. Maters have flowered. Kale is starting to fill out now that it's directly under a fluorescent.

    Only underperformer right now is the sweat pea vine. It got about 14-16" high and decided to stop. Well, that and the lights are manual again because I blew out one of the relays.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Militant_Medic View Post
    Still buried under 8 inches of snow. Yeah I'm a little bitter. I hate all you guys.
    Till August, when it hits 101*, then we will hate you with your nice cool summers. LOL

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    Surprisingly well, considering that it has been cool and damp. Things are coming up well and my tomato plants look wonderful.

    This is a make or break year for me. If the garden does not produce (like the last 2 years) I am done, no more garden.

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    I'm sick of this crap, hail got my garden again last night at 11:30 pm.
    I knew we was going to get rain, but a hail core came over my area.
    Power went off as usual, and then the hail hit.
    So, I get to plant a 4th time.
    I'm backing off planting so many tomato's, so I can cover them up easier.
    My onions tops have been beat down to nothing too. Some of the garden will make it...most won't.

    We're in for another bout of storms this coming Tuesday.
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    Trapper, you have me heartfelt sympathy. My garden has flooded out twice in previous years, totally ruining it.

    We are scheduled for rain in a few days time, so at the last minute I will get as many seedlings in as I can, and then they will have some dim days to recover and the rain will water them in.

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    My fruit trees are looking good with an abundant supply of fruit. Fuji apple, peach, apricot, orange, lime and avocado all doing well.

    Green beans (pole) are doing well, 2 plantings in, 3 weeks apart to prolong harvest. Three varieties of tomatoes doing well, some setting blossoms. Cayenne pepper plant about ready to be picked. Jalapeno peppers are looking good, a few blooms on 2 plants today. Several varieties of lettuce have been giving us salads for over a month now. Two varieties of kale have been producing. Harvesting about 2 cups of strawberries per day. Boysenberries are just starting to turn red. Blue berries have set fruit and looking good. This is our first year with blue berries. Merlot grapes have some small fruit set, but not as much as we would like to see. Had a total fail on my zucchini seedlings. Used older seed a nd have just started new seedlings with fresh seed. Butternut squash doing ok after being transplanted from seedlings to hills.

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    Blueberries, fruit trees, and grapes have bloomed and starting to set fruit. Onions, taters, cabbage and brussel sprouts are looking good. Planted a bunch of leaf lettuce this week along with some rosemary, a few extra strawberries and have tomatos and peppers ready to go in.
    We had good rain thru March, but the last 6 weeks have been pretty dry with less than 2" total. Today we got about a half inch. I figured the ground was really dryed out, but when I dug in the lettuce the ground was still moist down 3-4".
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    Last week I put up 40 plus quarts of green beans thinking that might be my grand finale for the green beans but today I went out, and I guess it's been all this rain but I picked and canned 30 pints just from todays harvesting and they are still full of flowers and young pods. So now I have right at 80 pints and quarts of just the green beans and we've even been eating fresh picked as well, at least twice a week. That will most likely dbl plus before they stop producing. I picked a couple dz nice full yellow squash and a bucket full of zuchinni today too and I harvested all my fingerling and red potatoes. Got right at 250 pounds of just those. Still have 40 more pots of goldens going strong. They should be ready in about 3 more weeks. Onions are just about ready too. I'm harvesting asparagus pretty much daily. In about another month i'll be shelling black-eyed peas. Corn still has a little ways to go but they are just starting to tassle now. Busy busy busy.
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