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Thread: 2m Mobile Transceiver (low W)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nicor View Post
    failing that above, a walkie talkie would work.
    Belt to strap on.
    still need remote PTT or VOX, actually VOX would be required.
    rubber duck antenna, guess it could stay on the unit.... Guess it would stay on the unit. Don't think there would be a quick disconnect for it, (pull apart if dropped bike).
    It's not a HAM 2m handheld, but it is - a FRS/GMRS handheld rechargeable with voice activation.

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    The Baofeng UV-5R is working good on my bike.
    Like the position of it and where I have the PTT button on left grip.
    Finally figured out how to manually program it for repeater use.

    Passed my General test this past Sunday.
    Ordered an Icom IC-718 from HRO.
    It will be here Monday. Was hoping to have it in time for Sunday 10m county net here, but not going to happen.
    Look around for place to put an inverted V for it, but I really don't have a place for one, not without putting up a pole with a reach of at least 40 ft.
    Even if I do that I could not get close to the recommended angle distance of the dipole wires coming down.

    Going to try the CHA 250- BX I have.
    But even it is too close to ground and house.

    We shall see.

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    First off...congratulations on passing your general ticket.

    Glad to hear you got the UV 5r problems worked out.

    Antennas are sometimes the most difficult to work out as to what fits ones situation.

    I just happened to have a property big enough to put up a wire loop which will work and tune down into 6 meters.

    Hope to get on the air later tonight but planning a trip to the gun club later today.

    Good hunting when you get your rig set up...see you on the airwaves.

    73 to you and your house,


    Post Script...

    What is your approximate QTH?? Mine is here on the Chesapeake Bay of Virginia.

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    Thank you orangetom.

    QTH - Smith County, Tx.

    We might wind up with a short rag chew with each other and not even know it.

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