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Thread: Winter over in Missouri?

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    Default Winter over in Missouri?

    Last June we moved to the new place, 8 acres nestled inside the Poplar Bluff MO section of the Mark Twain National forest, clear up towards the north end of the section of 150k+ acres that it consists of. The owners of the place wanted us to live here for a year so we could see if we could handle living out in the "boonies", especially during winter.

    But, we didn't have much of a winter it seems. Only two snowfalls that barely covered the ground, a tiny bit of sleet, no real winds and no temps below zero at all. Only two power outages, longest was for five hours so not even a challenge at all.

    But to my eyes it appears winter is over. The daffodils are up a blooming, the blueberry bushes we planted last summer have buds on them, as do the hickory trees and lilac bushes. The iris's are pushing up through about 4" already. My strawberry patch is all tilled up and amended, and I'm sorely tempted to get it planted, but this old boy has seen ice storms on April Fool's Day before and I'm leery of planting anything much so soon.

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    KC, Misery-- It's Missouri- you have to 'Show Me'...


    It can change real fast... Long range forecast here says no more snow...
    leave the gun... take the cannoli...

    In times of strength prepare for times of weakness...

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    No hickory's budding yet here in southern Okla, but my piss elm trees are, which are always the first trees to bud.
    And some of the flowers are coming up.

    This winter was very mild, to me anyway. I didn't burn near as much wood keeping the house warm.
    Sure ran thru lots of feedsacks this year (firestarter) because the days in the last 3 weeks or so have been warm, but cooler at night.
    So I have to whip up a fire each nite about 11 pm or so.

    Weather changes so quick this time of year.
    I've seen it snow in April (Okla.), but it's been back in the early 80's.
    I don't miss busting ice for cattle, have not seen ponds froze over bad enough to worry about it in years.
    We'll get slammed one day. I expected this winter to be worse than it was, had my generator ready to go in case
    we had an ice storm.
    Eat it up, wear it out, make it do or do without.

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    had really warm ewather the past week. to nite winter's back, just topped off the wood pile in the house.
    thank God,not snow comming this week just cold,sometimes i think that's why the coyote's howl,
    ahhhhhhhhhhooooooooooo it's cold outside.

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    ohio weather...todays 65 tomorrow is 34, next day is 57, next dday 25.. keeps your system all screwed up.

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    Wife takes toilet paper rolls and cuts them in two so ends up with two small ''cylinders". She has a big jar that held vaseline and she tosses a few cotton balls in that then adds vaseline and some coconut oil works that in then fills the cardboard tubes with the saturated cotton balls. She has a tray over by the wood stove full of them, I take one and lay it in between two chunks of firewood then lay some tinder over it, then some smaller split ash. The cotton ball fire starter will burn good for over ten minutes,

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